conference management

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We manage all aspects of conferences from to start to finish including our conference-specific services below as well as site search & selection, registrationtechnology, branding & signage &

food & beverage management.

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+ Speaker & Event Partner Management

We act as a liason to your sponsors & speakers, assisting them as well as gathering necessary information for your event materials such as release forms, bios, headshots & logos.

+ Hotel Block Management

We can create & organize a hotel block for your guests and VIP's at your event venue or a nearby hotel.

+ Webinar Management

We can create or operate a webinar for education or to supplement an event.

+ Sponsorship 

Let us help you maximize your Sponsorship revenue by enhancing your sponsorship program.  Let our team create a branded, engaging digital sponsorship prospectus, as well as provide a team member to serve as your Sponsor Concierge.